Press Releases


Adam Bisits, 14 May
The Coalition's policy to improve industrial regulation [PDF]

Ian Hanke, Adam Bisits, 24 April
The $19K Employment Exclusion Zone [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 22 April
Minimum Wage Review [PDF]

Ian Hanke, Adam Bisits, 11 April
FWC Must Take Unemployment Into Account [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 19 March
Pro Union Deals Have no Mandate or Remit [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 5 March
Public Policy Corrupted [PDF]

Ian Hanke, Adam Bisits, 1 March
No Excuse for Delay [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 11 February
Opposition on Right Track with Increased Penalties [PDF]


Ian Hanke, 7 September
High Court Deals Government A Blow [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 29 August
Government Grants CFMEU A Psychological Licence [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 28 August
CFMEU/Grocon Dispute [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 2 August
Review Cements in Place the Flaws That Beset the FWA [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 2 August
FWA Review Cements Flaws [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 12 June
IR reforms required in Australia [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 1 June
Federal Minimum Wage Increase [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 31 May
Shorten's Registered Organisation Reforms Risible [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 7 May
The General Manager of Fair Work Australia Must Go [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 6 April
Ending the General Manager of Fair Work Australia's Mischief [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 22 February
Statement re: Mr Napoleon Iranious [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society, 17 February
HR Nicholls Society FWA Review Submission [PDF]


Adam Bisits, 21 November
Lloyd Wins Charles Copeman Medal [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 15 November
The embarrassing Qantas decision of Fair Work Australia [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 21 September
Evans: one small step [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 14 September
Opposition squibs workplace relations in manufacturing inquiry [PDF]

Ian Hanke, 7 September
National Accounts Confirm Productivity Slump [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 31 August
Fair Work Act Review Nobbled by Minister [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 29 August
HR Nicholls Society Welcomes Lloyd Appointment [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 22 August
Long Term Unemployed - Fair Work Act Review [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 16 August
HR Nicholls Society Calls for WA Reform [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 30 June
ACTU Admits Workers Worse Off Under FWA [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 28 June
Abbott to Encourage Workplace Debate [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 8 June
Government Review of the FWA Should be in Public [PDF]

Adam Bisits, 7 June
Communications and Strategy Director appointed to HR Nicholls Society [PDF]


Michael Moore, 25 November 2010
HR Nicholls view on test case [HTML]

Des Moore, 6 October 2010
How Minimum Wages Destroy Jobs [HTML]

Adam Bisits, 3 October 2010
HR Nicholls Society - Copeman Medal Award for 2010 [HTML]

Adam Bisits, 1 September 2010
Is Labor adopting the Greens' authoritarian employment policies? [HTML]

Adam Bisits, 17 July 2010
Crean should reverse FWA opposition to teenage employment [HTML]

Grace Collier, 8 July 2010
Fair work isn't working too well [HTML]

Des Moore, 23 June 2010
Giudice Must Answer Questions [HTML]

Adam Bisits, 21 June 2010
Guidice Should Attend Senate Estimates Committee [HTML]

H R Nicholls Society Board, 3 June 2010
Minimum Wage Increase Reduces Employment Prospects for Low Skilled [HTML]