Articles, Submissions, Opinion Pieces and Letters to the Press


Adam Bisits: President's Report for 2012 [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society: Victorian State Government Building Industry Guidelines Submission [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society: Submission to Fair Work Act Review Panel [PDF]

Des Moore: Submission on Review of Fair Work Act, February 2012 [PDF]


HR Nicholls Society: Follow-up Letter to Senator Evans re FWA Review [PDF]

HR Nicholls Society: Letter to Senator Evans re FWA Review [PDF]

Adam Bisits: President's Report for 2011 [PDF]

Copeman Medal for 2011:

Adam Bisits: Introduction [PDF]

Stephen Sasse: Presentation Speech [PDF]

John Lloyd: Acceptance Speech [PDF]

Adam Bisits, Letter to the AFR editor re Geoff Kitney article [PDF]

Ian Hanke, For future productivity we must nail IR reform [The Drum, 28 June 2011]

Agitate, Swan/Fair Work Act/Industrial Action/JJ Richards [External link]


H R Nicholls Society Inc., Submission to PC Inquiry on Executive Remuneration [PDF]

Michael Warby, The Ebb Tide of Trade Unions [PDF] (Originally published in slightly different form in the Autumn 2009 edition of Policy.)


Ray Evans, Occasional Address to the HR Nicholls AGM, November 2008 [HTML]

Ray Evans, Globalisation and the Australian Labour Market: A long term perspective on Labour Market Reform (An address to the 7th Annual Workforce Conference 2008, Marriott Hotel, Melbourne, 9th September 2008) [160 k PDF]

Des Moore, The Case for Minimal Regulation of the Labour Market [240 k PDF]


Des Moore, Letter to the Editor [AFR] [HTML]

Ray Evans, The Harvester Judgment and its Consequences [HTML]

Des Moore, Workplace policy is defining issue [HTML]

Des Moore, A World at Work: Challenges and Opportunities for Workplaces, (An Address to Industrial Relations Society of Victoria Annual Convention 2007, 28 September 2007) [320 k PDF]


Des Moore, Submission to the Fair Pay Commission on the Minimum Wage (18 July 2006) [70 k PDF]

Ray Evans, Submission to the Fair Pay Commission (28 July 2006) [330 k PDF]


Ray Evans, HB Higgins turns JW Howard on his head [65 k PDF]

Ray Evans, President's Report to the AGM, 2005 [90k PDF file]

Des Moore, "Work Choices" (Sic): Less Flexible, More Complicated and Still Unfair? [35K PDF file]

Adam Bisits, Justice Giudice, the AIRC and the minimum wage [20k PDF]

Ray Evans, The Ghost of Stanley Bruce Stalks The Lodge [HTML]

Ray Evans, IR Reform and the Constitution [Letter to the Editor, AFR] [HTML]

Des Moore, Industrial Relations [A Breakfast Address Delivered on 29 July 2005] [20K PDF]

Charles W Baird, Liberating Labor: A Christian Economist's Case for Voluntary Unionism [90K PDF]

Charles W Baird, Hayek on Labour Unions [75K PDF]

Geoff Hogbin, Power in Employment Relationships: is there an imbalance? (Revised version published by New Zealand Business Roundtable.) [1.4 Mb PDF]

Ray Evans, AFR IR Conference Speech [90K PDF]


Ray Evans, Rent-Seeking, Rent-Extraction and the Role of Trade Unions in Australian Society (February 2003) [HTML]


Ray Evans, HR Nicholls Submission to the Cole Royal Commission [100K PDF]

Ray Evans, Reflections on the Electrolux Judgment and the Right to Strike [HTML]

Ray Evans, Unravelling the Deakin Settlement [HTML]


Des Moore, Judicial Intervention: The Old Province for Law and Order [HTML]

Bob Day, Checkpoint Charlie [HTML]

Bob Day, Slave Labour [HTML]

Richard A. Epstein, The Common Law and the Labour Market [HTML]