No Ticket, No Start---No More!


Peter Costello was educated at Carey Grammar and Monash University where he graduated in Arts and Law with Honours. He was called to :he Victorian Bar, after practising as a solicitor in Melbourne for some years, in 1984 and has established himself in the fields of commercial law and industrial relations. He is a part-time teacher of Industrial Relations at Monash University and he has appeared in a number of recent cases against the trade unions at Common Law. He won Liberal Party pre-selection for the federal seat of Higgins in April 1989.

Michael Porter was educated at Scotch College, Adelaide, the University of Adelaide and Stanford University. He has held teaching and research appointments at Stanford, Simon Fraser, Essex, and Australian National Universities, as well as advisory posts in government and the IMF. He has been Professor of Economics since 1976 and Director of the Centre of Policy Studies since 1979 at Monash University.

John Hyde was educated at Hale School in WA, and then became a successful wheat farmer. He became Vice President of Dalwallinu Shire and subsequently the Federal Member for Moore 1974-83. In the Parliament he became known as the leader of the 'Dries', a heterogeneous group of politicians concerned about the irrationality of much of government economic policy.

Since 1983 he has been Director of the Australian Institute for Public Policy and recently edited 'Wages Wasteland'---a critique of Australia's Industrial Relations system.

Peter Reith, MP was educated at Brighton Grammar and Monash University where he graduated in economics and law. He practised as a solicitor until winning the federal seat of Flinders in a by-election in December 1982. He lost the seat in February 1983 but won it back in 1984. He was appointed shadow Attorney General in 1987 and played a leading role in the defeat of the 1988 referenda. He was appointed Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations in 1988 and shadow Minister for Education in 1989.

Paul Gaynor was educated at Xavier College and Swinburne Institute of Technology where he graduated in Business. He began working in industrial relations in 1985 with the Confectionary Manufacturers of Australia, and in 1987 he organised the National Transport Federation which has grown from 30 members to over 1000 members in 1989. Mr Gaynor is Chief Executive Officer and Federal Director of the NTF and Secretary of the Livestock Transporters' Association of Victoria.

David Trebeck graduated in Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney and in Economics from the University of New England and has had a distinguished career in the rural industries. He has worked for, or been associated with, the NSW Department of Agriculture, the Australian Woolgrower's and Grazier's Council, the National Farmers' Federation, the Australian Shippers' Council, the National Bulk Commodities Group, and the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation. Since 1983 he has been Principal Consultant with ACIL Australia Pty Ltd, a leading consultancy group based in Melbourne and Canberra.

Ian McLachlan AO was educated at St Peter's College Adelaide and Cambridge University UK. He is Managing Director of Nangwarry Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., Deputy Chairman of S A Brewing Co since 1983, and a director of Elders IXL since 1980. He was President of the National Farmers Federation from 1984 to 1988.

Des Moore was educated at Geelong Grammar, University of Melbourne, and the London School of Economics. He joined the Commonwealth Treasury in 1959 where he had a distinguished career culminating in his appointment as Deputy Secretary responsible for General Financial Economic Policy. He resigned from the Treasury in 1987 to take up an appointment as Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne.

Geoffrey de Q. Walker graduated in law from the University of Sydney and then studied at the University of Pennsylvania where he was awarded a doctorate in law. He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, as well as the University of Queensland where he is currently Professor of Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law. From 1974 to 1978 he was Assistant Commissioner with the Trade Practices Commission in Canberra.

He has published widely, his most recent book being the authoritative and influential 'The Rule of Law---Foundation of Constitutional Democracy', MUP, 1988.

Joe Thompson, AM was educated at Christian Brothers College at Manly and subsequently at Harvard University. He has had a distinguished career in the trade union and labor movement with the Vehicle Builders' Union and as a Legislative Councillor in NSW from 1974. He was President of the Labor Council of NSW from 1984 to 1986.

Vern Routley is a former trade union official and financial trade union member 1948-50 and 1952-86 who retired recently after 35 years in the Federal Labour Department. His association with industrial relations in Australia goes back to 1945. He obtained a M.Comm. degree from the University of Melbourne and has published several books since 1968, the latest of which 'Instead of Trade Unions' appeared in February 1986.

Andrew Brideson is currently President and Executive Officer of the Teacher' Association of Australia, and of the Victorian Affiliated Teachers' Federation. In these capacities he has gained considerable experience in the industrial relations system at both the state and federal levels. He is a trained primary teacher with twenty years teaching experience in both metropolitan and country schools.

Ross Parish is Professor of Economics at Monash University. He was educated at Murwillumbah High School, the University of Sydney and the University of Chicago where he obtained his PhD in economics. He advocated state aid to private education, by means of a voucher scheme in 1962. Recently he has proposed substantial cuts in government spending and further privatisation of education (in 'Spending and Taxing: Australian Reform Options' Allen and Unwin 1987). He has served as Research Director of the Centre for Independent Studies, and is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Science.