Light on the Hill


The Hon Paul J Clauson, MLA, is Minister for Justice, the Attorney-General and the Member for Redlands in the Queensland Parliament. He entered Parliament in 1985 and served on Parliamentary Committees for Lands, Forestry, Mapping and Surveying, Police, Justice, Welfare, Industry, Small Business Services and Technology, Corrective Administration Services and Valuation. He was admitted to the Bar in December 1987.

Mr Andrew Brown was educated at Brisbane Grammar School and the University of Queensland where he graduated in Law, Commerce and Business Administration. He has practised in commercial law since 1972 and is Chairman of the Employment and Industrial Relations Committee of the National Party of Queensland.

Mr Jack Johnson, OBE, was born and educated in England. In 1939 he enlisted in the Royal Navy, and in 1942 he came to Australia, on loan to the RAN. He returned to England in 1945 and graduated with honours in electrical engineering from the University of London. He returned to Australia in 1950 at the request of the SECV, where he had a distinguished career, retiring in 1982 after many years as Assistant General Manager.

The Hon Lindsay Thompson, CMG, was Premier of Victoria 1981-82. He was educated at Caulfield Grammar and Melbourne University. He served in the AIF 1942-45, taught at Melbourne High School 1953-54, and was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in 1955. He was a Cabinet Minister from 1958 until he became Premier in 1981.

Mr Hugh Morgan, AO, was educated at Geelong Grammar and the University of Melbourne. He was appointed Executive Director of Western Mining Corporation Ltd in 1976 and Managing Director in 1986. He has served on the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia, as a Trustee of the National Gallery of Victoria, and is Chairman of the Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation.

Mr Charles Copeman was educated at the Church of England Grammar School, Brisbane and University of Queensland. As a Queensland Rhodes Scholar he was at Balliol College Oxford 1953-56. He has had a distinguished career in the mining industry with CRA and CGF, and has been Chief Executive of PekoWallsend since 1982.

Mr Roger Rooney was born in Dublin in 1942 and was educated at Ampleforth College in Yorkshire. He began his working life as a trainee broker in the London Stock Exchange. He then managed a tenpin bowling alley before driving overland, in 1962, from England to Australia. Arriving in Darwin he worked as a casual labourer for Perkins Shipping, before setting up on his own as a boat repairer and outboard motor mechanic. He then moved into aerial spraying in South Australia and the Ord River. In 1969 he was appointed manager, then general manager, of Perkins Shipping. In 1984 he resigned from Perkins Shipping to set up his own business. He is President of the NT Horticultural Association and Vice President of the NT Confederation of Industry and Commerce.

Senator the Hon F M Chaney was educated at Aquinas College Perth, and the University of WA. He was elected to the Senate in 1974 and was variously Minister for Administrative Services, Aboriginal Affairs and Social Security in the Fraser Government. He has been Leader of the Opposition in the Senate since 1983.

Mr Ian Wearing is a Senior Consultant with ACIL Australia, one of Australia's foremost economic policy and agricultural consultants. He recently presented major submissions on behalf of several companies and individuals to the Royal Commission into Grain Storage, Handling and Transport, and to the Industries Assistance Commission inquiry into the wheat industry. For seven years Ian Wearing was Executive Director of the Australian Wheatgrowers' Federation (now the Grains Council of Australia). In that capacity he played a major role in bringing a more market orientation to wheat industry legislation and became well-known as an advocate for economic rationalisation and removal of industry regulations which inhibit competition. He comes from a farming background in South Australia and prior to joining the Australian Wheatgrowers' Federation worked in the Commonwealth Treasury and as Economist for the Australian Woolgrowers' and Graziers' Council.

Mr Peter Gorringe is a New Zealander, educated at Huntley School, Matron and Wanganui Collegiate School. He obtained a B.Sc. in agricultural science and economics at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, Wales 1965; honours in Agricultural Science in 1966 and an MA in econometrics and agricultural economics at Manchester, England, in 1968. He joined the NZ Treasury in April 1969.

Senator the Hon Peter Walsh was educated at Doodlakine State School in WA. He became a wheat and sheep farmer at Doodlakine; served for several years on the Wheat Executive of the Farmers' Union of WA; attempted, twice, to gain a seat in the House of Representatives; and was elected to the Senate in 1974. He has been Minister for Finance since 1984.

Mr Wayne Gilbert has been General Manager of SEQEB since February 1984. Prior to 1984 he was Executive Director for the NSW brewer Tooth & Co Ltd. He was educated at Melbourne Grammar School and University of Melbourne.

Mr Chris Carberry graduated in Law from the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1983. In recent years he has become heavily involved in industrial law with attendances before the State and Federal Industrial Commissions, the Electricity Industries' Tribunal, as well as the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. Mr Carberry was formerly a Rugby Union International (having played in thirteen Tests) and is presently in the third year as 'A' grade Coach of GPS Rugby Union Club.