"Carpe Diem"


Ray Evans is a consultant and President of the H R Nicholls Society.

Roger Kerr is the executive director of the New Zealand Business Roundtable, an organisation of chief executives of around 60 of New Zealand's larger business firms, which undertakes research and advocacy on major issues of public policy. Prior to taking up his present position he was a senior official in the New Zealand Treasury and earlier worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was a director of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand from 1986 to 1994, a member of the Council of Victoria University of Wellington from 1995 to 1999, and a member of the Group Board of Colonial Limited in Melbourne (1996-2000).

He holds an MA (Hons) degree from the University of Canterbury and a BCA from Victoria University of Wellington, was awarded the Tasman Medal for contributions to public policy in 1994 and the NZIER Qantas Economics Award in 2001, and is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management (FNZIM).

Des Moore was formerly Deputy Secretary to the Commonwealth Treasury, Senior Fellow of the IPA, and is now Director of the Institute of Private Enterprise (IPE). He is a member of the board of the HR Nicholls Society.

Denita Wawn is currently employed as the Policy Manager & Industrial Advocate for the National Farmers' Federation (NFF).

Denita oversees the NFF industrial and employment policy areas including advocacy before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and political representation roles. She represents NFF on a range of bodies including the National Workplace Relations Consultative Council and the National Small Business Forum.

Denita is also the Secretary of the Australian Farmers' Fighting Fund, which funds matters of national importance to the Australian farming community.

Denita Wawn holds a Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Arts and Laws, both from the University of Tasmania. She has been admitted to the Supreme Court of Tasmania as a Legal Practitioner.