Standing Fast

Gaoled for Breaching the Award: Appendix 6-7

Barry Hammonds and Graeme Haycroft


Source: The Grazier December 1993 - 7

Contractor cleared

AWU prosecutions against UGA Registered Shearing Contractor Barry Hammonds of Charleville have been dismissed by the Charleville Industrial Magistrate.

In a reserved decision handed down on 9 December 1992 the Industrial Magistrate held the AWU had failed to prove that requests by one of its Organisers for access to Barry's employee records were made during his hours of business and were made at his place of business.

The prosecution was promoted by a visit by the AWU to an Aramac property where he had a team working on a Sunday in May of this year.

The Court action is a typical example of the AWU's policy of pursuing petty Award breaches at a time when there is a need for mutual co-operation by all involved in the shearing industry, not the increased confrontation being prompted by the union.

Following the hearing on 3 December a meeting of graziers chaired by UGA Vice-President Marcus Arthur was held in Charleville to discuss the Troubleshooters contract system. It was resolved that the system be supported, with the AGU's support remaining qualified by the outcome of possible litigation as the legal questions are still being considered by the Crown Law Office.