Proceedings of the Conferences of the HR Nicholls Society

[By Date of Publication]

2012Cost, loss and disruption: Another year of the Fair Work Act
2011How Fair is Fair Work Australia?
2010From Plato to Julia: Australia's Workers and their Guardians
2009Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
2007'We used to run this country, and it wouldn't be a bad thing if we did again'
2006Let's Start All Over Again
2005"Carpe Diem"
2004One Hundred Years of the Higgins Legacy: Treasured Inheritance or Debilitating Folly?
2003Lining up the Bills: Preparing for a Double Dissolution
2002The Changing Paradigm: Freedom, Jobs, Prosperity
2001Union Privilege v. Workers' Rights
2000Beating the Bush Blues: Creating Jobs in Rural Australia
1999The Third Way: Welcome to the Third World
1998MUA---Here to Stay ... Today: Melbourne
1997Wrong Way---Go Back
1997Mission Abandoned
1996Tenth Anniversary Conference
1994From Industrial Relations to Personal Relations the Coercion of Society
1994A Matter of Choice
1993Standing Fast
1992A New Province for Law and Order
1992For the Labourer is Worthy of his Hire
1991The Law and the Labour Market
1991No Vacancies
1990Back To The Waterfront
1990Public Interest or Vested Interest
1989The Legacy of the Hungry Mile
1989No Ticket No Start---No More
1988In Search of the Magic Pudding
1988Back to Basics
1987The Light on the Hill
1986Trade Union Reform
1986Arbitration in Contempt

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