Proceedings of the Conferences of the HR Nicholls Society

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Abbott, Hon. Tony
 Losing the Legislation Fixation2002
 Reflections of a New Boy2001
 Constructive Compassion2000
Abetz, Eric
  Putting the 'Fair' Into Fair Work [PDF]2011
 Dinner Address: Fairness For All - Through Commonsense and Flexibllity [PDF]2010
 Tasmania's Window of Opportunity The Potential for Industrial Relations Reform1992
Allen, Russell
 Agreements without Unions1994
 The End of The Closed Shop1992
Anderson, Peter
 Coalition and Labor IR Policies: Ready Reckoner of 30 Major Differences [PDF]2007
 Labour Market Reform in an Election Year and Beyond2004
Baillie, BW
 Shipping and the Waterfront1988
Baker, Ken
 Education and Employment1994
Barnard, Peter
 Waterfront Reform and Industrial Relations1990
 Waterfront Reform at the Watershed: An Assessment of Recent Government Waterfront Policy Initiatives1989
Bedford, David
 Enterprise Bargaining in Electricorp1988
Billing, Simon
 Fair Work Bill 2008: Fairer for Who? [PDF]2009
Bisits, Adam
 Introduction (31st Conference, 2011)2011
  Can the Corporations Power be Used to Limit the Regulation of Employment Contracts in Australia? 2003
Bjelke-Petersen, The Hon Sir Joh, KCMG
 Opening Address1987
Blainey, Geoffrey
 Padded Arguments from Padded Trade Unions (Speech on the Occasion of the Launching of "Arbitration in Contempt") 1986
Blandy, Richard
 Workplace Management and Industrial Relations: The Great Watershed 1991
Bolt, Andrew
 Reflections on the Outworkers2002
Boot, Mac
 On-The-Job Training, Wages, and the Formation of Human Capital1992
Boyce, Gerard
  Amendments to OH&S pleadings post Kirk 2011
Boyd, David
 Waterfronts from Singapore to Sydney1991
Brideson, Andrew
 The Teachers' Association of Australia Story1989
Brook, Penelope
 Labour Market Developments in New Zealand: Whither Liberalisation?1990
Brown, Andrew
 Voluntary Agreements Between Employers and Employees in Queensland1987
Carberry, Chris
 The Queensland Power Workers' Association: The Story of an Enterprise Union1987
Carmody, Geoff
 The Industrial Relations Commission in Terminal Decay?1989
 The Industrial Relations Pecking Order Illustrations from the NSW Retailing Industry1986
Champion, Rafe
 William Harold Hutt on trade unions, wage fixing and the rule of law [PDF] 2006
Chaney, Fred
 Industrial Relations a Management Responsibility1988
 The Opposition's Industrial Reform in Australia1987
Cirkovic, Tanya
 The Role of Registered Employer Organizations in Maintaining and Upholding our Present Labour Market Regime1996
Clauson, Paul
 The Queensland Industrial (Commercial Practices) Act1987
Clough, Hal
 Dinner Address 'A Matter of Choice'1994
Colebatch, Hal
 Bloody Sunday1994
Colebatch, Richard
 Dinner Address2006
Collier, Grace
 Shipping and Cabotage [PDF]2011
 Unions and the Battle for Survival [PDF]2010
 Dinner Address2007
Copeman, Charles
 I.R. Lessons from Recent Mining Industry History1992
 Robe River Revisited1990
 The Robe River Affair1987
Costello, Peter,
 The Troubleshooters' Case1992
 Back to the Waterfront: New I.R. Bill1990
 Keynote Address: No Ticket, No Start---No More!1989
 The Dollar Sweets Story1988
 Legal Remedies Against Trade Union Conduct in Australia1986
 (and Phil Gude) Discussion (Volume 10)1991
Court, The Hon Richard
 Keynote Address: Rebuilding the Federation1994
Craven, Greg
 Voluntary Industrial Agreements: You Agree, I Agree, But Will The High Court Agree?1991
 Constitutional and other Constraints on State Governments seeking Labour Market Reform1991
Crompton, Ken
Cutbush, Greg
 Deregulation and Employment in New Zealand1992
Dalgleish, Ross
 Union Power in Context: Industrial Relations in the Building Industry1999
Davies, Allan
 Coal Reform: The Hunter Valley No. 1 Story2001
Davis, Malcolm
 Dinner Address: Implications of the High Court's decision in Kirk [PDF]
Also available: Powerpoint presentation [650k].
Davis, Philip
 The Rural Revolt2000
Dawson, John
 The Seymour Abattoir Story1992
Day, Bob
 Trade Contractors and the Ralph Report2000
 Minimum Rates in the Domestic Housing Industry1992
de Q. Walker, Geoffrey
  Double Dissolutions and Joint Sittings of Federal Parliament 2003
 In the Shadow of the Law1989
Douglas, Roger
 Labour Market Reform in New Zealand 1984-19891989
Dyer, Wayne
 Developments in the Hunter Valley1990
Elliott, Lorraine
 My Mother Was an Outworker 2001
Evans, NR (Ray)
 The Family, the State, the Church, and the Unions [PDF] 2007
 The Role of the NFF in labour market reform 2006
 Anti-Discrimination Laws: The New Province for Labour Market Lawlessness [PDF] 2005
 The Tragic Consequences of Justice Higgins [PDF] 2004
  The Bills We Need 2003
 The New Paradigm2002
 Reflections on Globalisation2000
 Surveying the Thirdwayers' Ambitions: What Sort of Australia do they Want?1999
 Introduction (volume 19)1998
 Introductory Remarks (volume 18)1997
 Introductory Remarks (volume 17)1996
 A Retrospective1996
 Introductory Remarks (volume 16)1994
 Introductory Remarks (volume 15)1994
 Comes Silent, flooding in, the main1994
 Introductory Remarks (volume 14)1993
 Introductory Remarks (volume 13)1992
 Introductory Remarks (volume 12)1992
 For The Labourer is Worthy of His Hire1992
 Introductory Remarks (volume 11)1991
  Why Not Full Employment?1991
 Introductory Remarks (volume 10)1991
 The Right to Strike and the Law of Contract1991
 Introductory Remarks (volume 9)1990
 Industrial Relations Reform: The State of Play1990
 Introductory Remarks (volume 8)1990
 Introductory Remarks (volume 7)1989
 Introductory Remarks (volume 6)1989
 Trade Unions and the Common Law1988
 Introductory Remarks (volume 5)1988
 Introductory Comments (volume 4)1988
  Introductory Comments (volume 3)1987
 Is Trade Unionism Dying?1986
 Preface to 2nd Edition ("Arbitration in Contempt")1986
Garvey, Gerald
 Keynesian Macroeconomists Discover Key to Business Success1994
Gaynor, Paul
 Australia's Transport Industries and the Unions1989
Gilbert, Graham
 Containerisation and the Industrial System: An Insiders View1988
Gilbert, Wayne
 A Day in the Life of an Expat Chief Executive in New Zealand1996
 Working and Work Practices in the Brewing and Electricity Supply Industries
 The Queensland Power Dispute 1986
Gorring, Peter
 A Contracting Theory View of Industrial Relations1987
Green, Doug
 Port Reform in New Zealand, One Port's Perspective1996
Greiner The Hon. Nick
 Opening Address1990
Gude, Phil (with Peter Costello)
 Discussants Re The Above1991
Gutman, GO
 The Hancock Report---A Last Hurrah for the System1986
Hadgkiss, Nigel
 The ABCC and unlawful conduct in the construction industry [PowerPoint]2007
Hammonds, Barry (and Graeme Haycroft)
 Gaoled for Breaching the Award1993
Hancock, Keith
 Reflections on A Century of Arbitration [PDF] 2004
Harnisch, Wilhelm
  Reflections on the Recommendations of the Cole Royal Commission 2003
Harrison, Mark
 Intercepting money thrown at schools: why teacher unions are bad for students and teachers [PDF]2004
Harrison, Steve
 What Does The Future Hold For Trade Unions?1997
Hartley, Peter
 The Effects of Minimum Wage Laws on the Labour Markets1992
Hawker, David
 Who Reaps the Benefits? A Chronicle of the Wheat Debate1989
Haycroft, Graeme
 Cultural Change in the Building Industry on the Sunshine Coast1996
(with Barry Hammonds)
 Gaoled for Breaching the Award1993
Henderson, David
 Labour Market Reform in the 1990s: The OECD Record and Its Lessons1999
Henderson, Gerard
 The Fridge Dwellers---Dreamtime in Industrial Relations1986
Hendy, Peter
 Industrial Relations: Where to Now? [PDF]2009
 Changes in Employer Organisations 1985--20052006
Hewat, Tim
 The Century of Brawn1998
Hogbin, Geoff
 Employment Protection Laws and Worker Welfare2002
Houlihan, Paul
 Acceptance Speech2007
 The 1998 Waterfront Dispute1998
 The role of trade unions for the next generation of Australian workers1996
 Industrial Relations under the new Keating Government1993
 Some Vignettes from the Waterfront1989
 A Brief History of the Wide Comb Dispute in the Pastoral Industry Award1988
 A Brief History of Mudginberri and Its Implications for Australia's Trade Unions1986
Howard, Colin
 Discrimination at Large1994
 An Analysis of the New Victorian IR Bill1992
 Employment Laws and the Constitution1990
Howard, The Hon. John
 Guest of Honour's Address1990
Hughes, Neville
 Industrial Relations in the Hospital and Medical Services Industry, Part I1988
Hulme, SEK
 A Constitutional Basis for the Federal Coalition's Industrial Relations Policy1992
Hyde, John
 For the Labourer is Worthy of His Hire: Local Government and Industrial Relations1992
 No Vacancies1991
 A Basic Wage for Wheatgrowers! Sauce for the Gander1989
 The Political Barriers to Changing Centralised Industrial Relations1986
Ingerson, Graham
 The South Australian Opposition's I.R. Policy1991
lreland, Forbes
 Tasmanian Problems and Opportunities1992
Johns, Hon. Gary
 Trade Unions and Civil Society2002
Johnson, Jack OBE
 The Newport Power Station: A History of Conflict1987
Jones, Alan
 Transition: Labour Relations in New Zealand in the 1980's and 1990's1991
Kelly, Bill
 The History of the Black Ban applied to Farmers on Kangaroo Island 19721991
Kemp, David
 The Occasional Address1996
 Trade Unions and Liberty1986
Kemp, Senator Rod
 With Particular Reference to the Democrats1991
Kerley, Bill
 The End of Provincialism?: Social Policy and the Anti Discrimination Provisions of the Industrial Relations Reform Act1994
Kerr, Roger
 Lessons from Labour Market Reform in New Zealand [PDF]2005
 Common Law and Common Sense: The Employment Contracts Bill1991
Kerr, Sir John
 Reflections on the Northern Territory Cattle Station Industry Award Case of 1965 and the O'Shea case of 19691986
Kierath, Graham
 Workplace Focus---Labour Relations: The Way Ahead1994
Kirk, Graeme
 Copeman Medal for 2010: Acceptance Speech [PDF]2010
Kroger, Michael
 Standing Fast1993
Kuru, A and HCO Larratt
 The Coal Industry: (A) A Review (B) The Saxonvale Affair1988
Kutasi, Kyle
 Industrial Relations Reform in Western Australia: An Opportunity Missed2011
 Fair Work: A View from the West2010
 The Fair Work Act and the coming decline in employment in Australia2009
 Industrial Relations Reform in the NSW Public Sector2007
Larratt, HCO and A Kuru
 The Coal Industry: (A) A Review (B) The Saxonvale Affair1988
Lawler, Terry
 The Problems of the Hunter Valley as Seen by a Newcastle Accountant1988
Lawrence, Brian
 Minimum Wages in Australia: A Catholic Perspective [PDF]2007
Lewis, Philip ET
 The Australian Labour Market and Unemployment in 2004 [PDF]2004
  The Australian Labour Market: Some Social and Economic Consequences [PDF]2003
Lingard, Rod
 Work in New Zealand: Five Years After the Employment Contracts Act1996
Lloyd, Hon. John
 Building Industry Thuggery---Storm Clouds on the Horizon [PDF]2011
 The Experience of the ABCC [PDF]2010
 Reform in the Construction Industry [PDF]2006
Ludeke, Paul
  The "Reform" Misnomer Under the Fair Work Regime 2011
Maley, Barry
 Youth Suicide and Youth Unemployment1994
McCormick, Khory
 Unfair Employment Contracts---The Current Position1994
McEwin, R Ian
 Compulsory Workers' Compensation: Worker Right or Unnecessary Restriction?1988
McGauchie, Donald
 The Role of the NFF in Australian Public Life1998
McGuinness, Padraic
 Some Reflections on the Future of the Industrial Relations Commission1989
 Keynote Address: 'In Search of the Magic Pudding'1988
McIntyre, Andrew
 Discrimination Law and Its Abuses1998
McKeown, Peter
 The Reality of the Waterfront1989
McLachlan, The Hon. Ian
 In Praise of a 'Comrade'2007
 Keynote Address: "Rights"---Right or Wrong?1993
 Terminating the Button Rents on Australia's Waterfront1989
 The Live Sheep Dispute---Some Personal Reminiscences1989
 Farmers, Australia's Cost Structures, and Union Power1986
McNaughton, John
 Address of Welcome1988
Minchin, Senator Nick
 Award of the Charles Copeman Medal2006
Minogue, Kenneth
 Welfare in the Servile State1996
 The Resurgence of Trade Unionism in the United Kingdom---1979 to 891989
Mitchell, Alan
 The Watefront---A View from the Press1998
Moore, Des
 Employee and Employer Rights and FWA Regulation
Associated Figures [PDFs]
 Why the Ayatollahs are Coming [PDF]2005
 Overmighty Judges: 100 Years of Holy Grail is Enough [PDF]2004
 Minimum Wages: Employment and Welfare Effects, Or Why Card and Krueger Were Wrong [PDF]2002
 Judicial Intervention: "What Society Has Come To Demand" [PDF]2001
 Why the Labour Market Should be Deregulated1998
 The Effects Of The Social Welfare System On Unemployment1997
 The Role of the CAI in the Regulation of Australia1990
 Why the Accord has Failed1989
Moore, Michael
 VICTORIA : The Desalination Plant, Wonthaggi. Is this the Way to do Business? [PDF]2011
 Local Government and Industrial Relations1992
Moran, Alan
 Compulsory Workplace Insurance and its Effect on Productivity [PDF]2002
Moran, Richard
 Enterprise Flexibility Agreements---The Experiences of Tweed Valley Fruit Processors Pty. Ltd.1996
Morgan, Hugh
  Australia: Still Living in the Dream Time [PDF]2009
 'I pride myself on being a clubable man'1987
 The Nature of Trade Union Power1986
Murray, Peter
 The Story of the 'Thorley 25'1990
Myers, Douglas
 Keynote Address - "A Tiger On Your Tail?"1992
Oldfield, Chris
 The APPM Dispute1992
Parish, Ross
 Social Engineering in the Market Place1994
 The Consequences of Throwing Money at Schools1989
Partington, Geoffrey
 Trade Unionism and the New Protection1994
Pell, Most Rev Dr George
 The Catholic Church---Freedom and Anti-Discrimination1994
Peters, Christopher
 The Brereton Industrial Relations Act - Power to Some of the People1994
Phillips, Ken
 Using the Tax Regime to Wipe Out Independent Contractors: An Assessment [PDF]2010
 New South Wales: Systemically Corrupt [PDF]2009
 The Proposed Independent Contractors Act and Its Significance2006
 Dictionary Games, or How Legislatures Cheat at Scrabble®2004
 The Victorian Corporate Manslaughter Bill2002
 Tax and Industrial Relations2000
 The Devil Is In The Detail: Regulating In The Third Way1999
 Further Reflections on the Master--Servant Relationship1998
 The death of command and control and the rise of creative wealth creation: How the demise of the IRC will spur economic growth1997
 Beyond Employment: The Next Agenda1996
 Back to School Employee Relations and the Individual Employment Contract Model : A Victorian Lesson1994
Platt, Christopher
 New Directions in Labour Law - A fork in the road or a disastrous U-turn? [PDF]2007
Plowman, David
 Protectionism and Labour Regulation1992
Porter, Michael
 Government and State Enterprise in Victoria1991
 The Centrality of Labour Market Reform1989
 WorkCare: Introductory Remarks1988
 Youth and the Unnatural Rate of Unemployment1986
Purvis, David
 Section 127 of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 and all that1997
Purvis, Barry
 Consensus or Confrontation---Is There a Difference?1986
Reith, Hon. Peter
  The Politics of Workplace Relations Policy 2011
 Remarks to the HR Nicholls Society2002
 Reflections on the Waterfront Dispute1998
 The Evolution of the Opposition's IR Policy1989
Rilk, Horst
 The Power of Militant Unions---A Culture of Intimidation1997
Robson, Alex
 A Labour Market Fable [PDF]2004
Rooney, Roger
 Battling Against Darwin's Trade Unions1987
Routley, Vern
 Enterprise Unions---The Alternative1989
 The Future of Trade Unions: Reform or Replacement?1986
Rowe, Alan
 Industrial Relations Commission: A Progress Report1988
Rowe, Lyndon
 Restoring Full Employment1994
Russell, David
 The Political History of the Queensland Industrial Relations Reform Program of the 1980s and its Repeal1991
 Current Labor Market Reform in New South Wales1990
 Essential Services Legislation: Magic Pudding or Boarding School Blancmange?1988
 Trade Unions: Privilege and Power1986
Schwartz, Mark
 A South Australian View of Nauru House1991
Setchell, Richard
 WIRA and Weariness Turning the First Corner1991
Shepard, BD
 Industrial Relations in the Hospital and Medical Services Industry, Part II1988
Short, Laurie
 The Rise and Decline of the Trade Union Movement1992
Silberberg, Ron
 Keynote Address - The Sub-contractor and Australia'a Housing Industry - An Example of World Class Competitiveness1991
Skene, Henry
 "Burying Work Choices": The Leverage Shift under Fair Work and Need for Reform2010
Slee, David
 The Problems of WorkCare1988
Sloan, Judith
 Keynote Address: Worse Might Be Better?1994
 Industrial Relations Reform: A Perspective from Early 19931993
Smith, Graham
 Competition between the States Labour Market (De)Regulation1992
 Putting Square Pegs into Round Holes: The Contract of Employment as a Mechanism for Labour Market Re-Regulation1991
 Should There Be a Freedom to Strike1991
Soon, Jason
 The Unemployment Consequences of the Unfair Dismissal Laws1999
Spicer, Ian
 The Industrial Relations Future - The CAI Perspective1991
Spry, ICF
 Constitutional Aspects of Deregulating the Labour Market1986
Stenhouse, Keith (in conjunction with Graeme Haycroft
 Enterprise Agreements Myth versus Reality in Queensland1990
Stone, John
 Dinner Address [volume 29; PDF]2009
 The Origins and Influence of the HR Nicholls Society2006
 Presentation of the Charles Copeman Medal for 20022002
 The Wide Ranging Politics of the Cook Bill1991
 Closing Remarks (volume 5)1988
 Presidential Address (volume 3)1987
 Introduction (volume 2)1986
 Introduction to the 1st Edition ("Arbitration in Contempt")1986
 Repairing Australia (Speech on the Occasion of the Launching of "Arbitration in Contempt")1986
Sullivan, JR
 Trade Unions and the Steel Industry1988
Swan, Don
 'Public Interest or Vested Interest'1990
Thomas, Tony
 20 hour week at $160,000 a year: Australian Work Practices: The Continuing Saga1992
Thompson, The Hon. Joe
 Union Amalgamations1990
 Single Industry Unions1989
 Enterprise Bargaining: The Way Forward1990
Thompson, The Hon LHS
 Parliamentary Government or Union Tyranny1987
Tobin, Terry
 Further Developments in the Case of the Mount Thorley 251991
Trace, Keith
 Australian Shipping and Stevedoring1988
Tracey, Richard
 Federal Regulation of Industrial Relations in Victoria1993
 Section 45D of the Trade Practices Act and Primary Boycotts: A Case Study in the Meat Industry1992
Trebeck, David
 Ports and Shipping Reform in New Zealand1990
 Ports and Shipping Reform in New Zealand1989
 The Industrial Significance of the 1978 Live Sheep Export Dispute1989
 Achieving Institutional Change in Shipping and the Waterfront1988
Vazey, Geoff
 Not with a bang ...1998
Viner, The Hon Ian
 Reflections of a former Minister for Industrial Relations1988
Walsh, Senator Peter
 Abuses of Power in Contemporary Australia1987
Warby, Michael
 From Work-fare to Welfare: The Budgetary Imperatives [PDF]1999
 Consent, Compassion and Coercion1998
Wawn, Denita
 The NFF and the Workplace Reform Agenda2005
Wearing, Ian
 The New Zealand Tourist Industry and Its Lessons for Australia1990
 Trade Unions and the Grain Handling Industry1987
Williams, Bruce
  WA---The Impact of Recent Changes in State Labour Laws 2003
Wilson, Peter
 Impact of Fair Work Act on Australian Workplaces: A Practitioner's Perspective2011
Wood, Stuart
 Vote of Thanks2002
 The Death of Dollar Sweets2000
 The Police, the Parliament, the Premier,the Chief Commissioner, and the Police Association: Developments in Victoria1999
 Keeping Things Peaceful or Keeping the Peace: Police at the Pickets1998
Yilmaz, Leyla
  How Fair is Fair Work Australia? 2011
Young, Sheldon
 International Best Practice in the Industrial Relations Context1994
 New Zealand Major Projects: A Ray of Light1988